Getting New Tires? You’ll Also Need A Wheel Alignment

Should You Get a Wheel Alignment if You Got New Tires?

Did your car experience a blowout? Does it have extensive tire wear? Maybe you noticed a large bubble on the sidewall of your tire. Whatever the reason is, you’ve decided to buy new tires for your vehicle. A common question we hear at Amigo Auto Repair in Decatur, Georgia from customers getting new tires is if they should also get a wheel alignment. The simple answer is yes, and you should always get a vehicle alignment if you got new tires. Below is everything you need to know about this essential service.

Do I Need to Align My New Tires?

While a wheel alignment isn’t necessary when you install new tires, we highly recommend it. A tire alignment ensures that all four tires are correctly angled and driving in the same direction on the road. If you choose not to get an alignment when you get new tires installed, you could experience:

  • A rough ride
  • Your car pulling to one side
  • Uneven and premature tire wear and tear

At our alignment shop, our certified technicians always encourage our customers to get their wheels aligned when they buy new tires. This enhances your driving experience and drastically extends the life of your brand-new tires.

When Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

You should be getting your wheels aligned once per year. Always check your owner’s manual to learn about the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car. You might need a tire alignment sooner if you:

  • Hit a curb
  • Drove over a deep pothole
  • Notice your car pulling to one side
  • Hear a womp-womp sound when driving

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, call the experienced mechanics at Amigo Auto Repair in Decatur, Georgia now. We’ll correctly adjust your car to ensure a safe, smooth driving experience.

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If you need new tires, be sure to get a tire alignment also! At Amigo Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on offering superior automotive repair solutions, upfront pricing, and honest services. Call us today at (404) 284-0562 to schedule your wheel alignment service.

Written by Amigo Auto Repair